dr. oz three day detox review.

When I think of detoxes, I usually think back to that one time about a million years ago (maybe 5) when I did my first detox.  Apple juice with flax seed in it for three days.  That's it.  That's all you could drink, and nope, I did not make it.  The second day I passed out and decided that m&m's were more important to me than trying to be cleanzzzzzzed.  This time I thought I'd do things a little differently, and maybe not be quite so dumb about it.

I decided on the Dr. Oz three day detox, and this time I made it all the way through.  My thoughts?  I will never never do another detox.  Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic, but by the third day I hated it.  First of all, the article on the actual detox talks about how inexpensive it is.  I had to basically start from scratch with many of the supplies so it seemed like a crazy amount of money to spend.  I also didn't feel better after the three days and I was so lightheaded.  Now, the average person might think this was because I'm not used to drinking smoothies, but I've been drinking green smoothies twice a day for three years straight, so I think by this point I could turn into a giant green smoothie and be able to function.  But, I really like my meat for dinner.  A vegetarian I will never be.  I thought the breakfast and lunch smoothies were so yummy, but the dinner smoothie was so so spicy for me!  I'm a big fat baby when it comes to hot foods though, and drinking that for three nights in a row made me want to quit and maybe cry into my cayenne pepper laced smoothie.  The baths were also really hard for me.  Heat isn't really conducive to someone with MS and they made me feel like I was going to die (seriously, I'm not a drama queen in real life...promise).  

However, I loved knowing that I was able to have enough will power to do the entire detox. I may not ever do it again but it's been a couple of months since I finished it and I have adopted the morning green smoothie recipe into my every day breakfast.  It's that good.  If you try anything from this, I'd start with breakfast.  I even do the lunch recipe every now and then for lunch or dinner.  I think overall that it just goes back to the basis of "everything in moderation".  I'd choose this detox over apple juice with flax seed, and I'm really glad that I tried something that was really hard...but those m&m's called to me the entire time.  Or, it could have just been the delusional voices in my head from not eating for three days.


mary elizabeth said...

interesting! ive seen this one around and always wondered what someone who has done it thought. the only detox/cleanse i've done was a few years ago and the results were awesome but it was not. fun. at. all. it was a 10-day cleanse! heaven help me, but i think i am going to do it again here in a week or so.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

So you made me curious!! I went a looked at the ingredients and I can totally see why you were hungry! There was no protein in that detox!! I need a lot of protein or I starve!! I have been incorporating healthy eating into my lifestyle for a few months and I am feeling better. Limiting to almost no sugar, 1 cup of coffee and no other caffeine, limited dairy and limited carbs. That leaves me with lean protein, lots of fresh veggies and fruit and limited amounts of nuts. My big splurge is air popped popcorn. Hope you find a healthy balance!! Cathy